Vibranium is one of the rarest materials in Marvel comics and has properties that have helped plenty of superheroes and villains since its introduction in Daredevil #13. It’s a metallic ore, characterized by its ability to absorb energy and make the metal stronger. Different variants exist all over the globe, such as anti-metal, which has properties associated with dissolving other metals, but perhaps its most notable location is in Wakanda, where its discovery made the country the most technologically advanced in the world. Whether it’s been used for good or evil, vibranium is an influential resource, so we look at the 10 most powerful creations.

Antarctic vibranium is a different isotope to that of its Wakandan counterpart, in the fact that it can deconstruct–or melt–nearby metals. Ka-Zar had a medallion he used as a belt buckle to help him fight various enemies within the Savage Land, such as Klaw and the Man-Apes. It was originally discovered by his father, Lord Plunder, during an expedition in Antarctica. Lord Plunder created two halves of a medallion to give to his two sons, one of whom was Ka-Zar. Once both parts were acquired, it ended up becoming a great aid to Ka-Zar, the “Son of the Tiger.”

Maya Lopez aka Echo didn’t have the best start in life. She was born deaf, but that didn’t stop her from showcasing her gifts. Her father worked for crime boss Kingpin, and after he was killed, Wilson Fisk took her in. Echo was made to believe Daredevil had killed her father, and after studying his fighting, she learned to become a strong combatant herself. Later down the line, her wooden staff was broken in a fight, but with Moon Knight and former S.H.I.E.L.D. operative Buck Lime’s help, she was given a new staff made from vibranium. Paired with her extraordinary martial art and acrobatic abilities, Echo’s staff proved useful in countless battles against enemies such as Count Nefaria and Klaw.

Whilst John Proudstar aka Warpath’s first encounter with the X-Men was more than frosty, to say the least. It was Storm who gifted him the daggers in Uncanny X-Men #475. These weapons became a staple of the character and being made from Wakandan vibranium certainly helped Warpath to battle many of his enemies throughout his illustrious career. The knives had the capacity to absorb vibratory energy to make them more durable and become easier to handle the more energy they absorb. They came in handy when traveling to space to take on Vulcan, as well as his second stint within X-Force.

When the superhero known as Maverick was critically injured at the hands of Sabretooth, he reluctantly decided to be a part of the Weapon-X Program. Although much more powerful, the newly named Agent Zero hated himself, battling with thoughts of suicide and refusing to kill his old friend Wolverine, but he continued to work for the program. Zero’s suit was weaved with vibranium, and as a result gave him the ability to sneak around in complete silence, as well as refracting light in darkness, allowing him to avoid detection. His weaponry was made mostly out of adamantium, but the suit allowed him to become an effective assassin.

Ulysses Klaw was a physicist who worked in the field of applied sonics, becoming obsessed with acquiring Wakandan vibranium to further his studies. After failing to obtain some from T’Challa, he decided to lead a band of mercenaries to recover some through aggressive means. Although he was responsible for killing T’Chaka–T’Challa’s father–he was still unable to acquire any. Eventually, he found some on the black market and eventually used it to give himself superpowers. Using his sound converter, Klaw can produce sound waves able to deafen his enemies, as well as producing concussive blasts used to disable anyone who oppose him. Whilst Klaw’s sound converter isn’t made of vibranium, the ore helped to transform him into the strong and robust villain we all know.

Hawkeye has used countless arrowheads over time, but none are as powerful as the ones created from Antarctic vibranium. When fired, the arrows can break down the molecular bonds in almost any metal–including Adamantium–and turn them to liquid. They’re best used when taking on robots and war machines, and they’ve certainly helped him out against murderous automatons such as Ultron. Whilst not having any superpowers, Clinton Barton is a master archer, and even though he’s had Trick Arrows that have explosive tips, ones that explode on impact, or others laced with acid, these vibranium arrows are by far the best Hawkeye has to offer.

Not all Vibranium creations are used as a weapon. One such use saw Avengers Tower built with Vibranium fitted inside the concrete of its walls to provide structural integrity, making sure the deadliest of attacks are repelled by the unique properties that the metal provides. We’ve seen various Marvel strongholds destroyed or even removed over time, such as the Baxter Building, so it makes perfect sense that Tony Stark used the rare material to stop the strongest of enemies–human or alien–from attacking their base of operations and leaving it to burn in a huge mound of fire, ashes, and rocks.

During the Doomwar story arc, Latveria’s most powerful monarch decided to steal the entire reserve of Vibranium from under the Wakandan’s nose. Once he found that the substance could heighten his dark magic, Doctor Doom created a powerful armor set that made him indestructible, also allowing him to find every last drop of vibranium on the planet. Victor also created a legion of robots made from vibranium, leading to an all-out war between the Latverians and the Wakandans. Once T’Challa realized there was only one way to stop him, he managed to render all vibranium useless, and in the process making Doom’s suit unusable. However, when it worked, Black Panther didn’t stand a chance at beating him.

Falling to Wakanda thousands of years ago in the form of a meteorite, vibranium was harnessed by the Wakandans to create technology much more advanced than anywhere else in the world. Part of their culture allows one of its inhabitants to become the Black Panther, the Chieftain of Wakanda, through a series of challenges, and once they’ve proven themselves, they can wear the Black Panther habit, which is a suit laced with vibranium. T’Challa already has acute senses, incredible speed, and super strength, but once adorned in the habit, he becomes an even more powerful adversary with the ability to deflect bullets or punches and is granted superior vision in the dark.

Created by Dr. Myron MacLain in the 1940s, Captain America's shield is undoubtedly the most powerful vibranium creation to exist. After countless hours trying to create something to give the Americans a distinct advantage in World War II, the shield was made after an unknown substance interacted with the vibranium and the steel alloy caused it to become indestructible. The disc shape created was later handed to Captain America in the form of a shield, and he has been using it to battle his foes ever since. There have been different versions of the shield over time such as a pure Vibranium shield created in Wakanda, but the famous red, white, and blue iteration is by far the most popular.

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