The Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) announced it has released the details for one of the three sessions during the 2019 OEM Collision Repair Technology Summit at the 2019 SEMA Show.

The OEM Collision Repair Technology Summit, which will be held Thursday, Nov. 7, marks the fifth year this program has been included in the Repairer Driven Education (RDE) series lineup.

The three sessions spanning the day are designed to put SEMA Show attendees in a room with innovators in automotive structural design and technology. The summit’s distinctly different sessions feature topics that facilitate discussion between companies and individuals with rich histories of producing sophisticated advancements in the automotive and collision repair fields. They will be highlighting developments in modern vehicles, with a focus on emerging trends that influence vehicle repairability and collision industry preparation.

Accessing, utilizing and documenting an adherence to OEM repair procedures has become one of the most prolific conversations in the collision repair industry. But for many repair facilities, creating practices and processes that account for the variety of places OEM procedures are found and the places that collision repair staff need to look in the technical documentation can be a challenge, even when the culture within the repair business embraces the decision to use the OEM repair manuals.

Even further, following the procedures can often lead to questions that may require a degree of support or service to ensure that repairs are being performed accurately and as intended. This panel discussion will allow various automakers to discuss accessibility and use of their OEM procedures, and resources that exist in the way of help lines, technical support and other means to support repair facility businesses who have adopted an OEM focus on repairs.

This program will be led by Mike Anderson, president of Collision Advice. Anderson is the former owner of Wagonwork Collision Centers, two highly acclaimed shops located in Alexandria, Va., and one of the industry’s foremost speakers and consultants who works closely with a number of OEM organizations to bring information and best practices to the thousands of shops he interacts with throughout the year.

The resistance welding process is one of the most critical steps in joining together the structural elements of a vehicle – and one that can be impacted by both practice and process within your facility. Sophisticated functions of modern vehicles rely on structurally sound base elements of the automobile, and welding the structure with predictability is a core element of establishing a proper baseline.

This panel of subject matter experts features automakers and companies with decades of experience advancing the automotive and collision repair field in terms of welding procedures, training and equipment.

Audience members will interact as the panel explores the expectations established by the automaker, made possible in the aftermarket by equipment and training accessibility, and practices to consider within your business with the support of resources available to help you accomplish more predictable welds that align with OEM processes.

Topics will focus on improving weld performance through maintenance, frequent training, practice protocols, destructive testing and quality control considerations.

Questions will be led by Mark Olson, CEO of VECO Experts, an independent organization that works directly with automakers, performing on-site assessments, repair inspections and technical training lessons to ensure fit, finish, durability, value and consumer safety.

To register for the summit, visit and either select the individual sessions or, for the best value, purchase a Full Series Pass.

The 2019 OEM Collision Repair Technology Summit is made possible with support from PPG Automotive Refinish; AkzoNobel; BASF; CCC Information Services, Inc.; Reliable Automotive Equipment; Enterprise; Toyota Wholesale Parts; and Spanesi-Americas.

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