RFID plastic wristbands are also called RFID plastic bracelets or one time use bracelets. They combine the RFID technology and wristbands.

Based on the frequency, RFID plastic wristbands are divided into LF(125KHz) RFID plastic wristbands, HF(13.56MHz) RFID plastic wristbands, and UHF(915MHz) RFID wrist bands.

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RFID plastic wristbands can be divided into PVC and PP-Paper wristbands, wristbands are generally a one-time use item, they are mainly used in the hospital, concerts and other occasions.

All our RFID bracelets/wristbands are produced and finished in China, allowing us to ensure our high quality and competitive price standards are met.

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125khz Tk4100 Rfid Card Suppliers for Sale

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