PowerColor, a compnay that has been working with AMD for quite some time now, recently officially released the Liquid Devil Radeon RX 5700 XT graphics card, a state of the modern art since it uses water-cooling technology to dissipate heat from GPU processor and other components. Powercolor has partnered with EKWB, a well-known name in the liquid cooling industry. In PowerColor Liquid Devil RX 5700 XT, the users will get a top frequency of up to 2070MHz…

Aforementioned, the liquid-cooled head of the Liquid Devil RX 5700 XT made by EKWB, which covers the entire graphics card. This addition of the graphics card makes the card only 24 cm long and is single-slot, which is enough for the most demanding players. Considering the water-cooling heat dissipation, it will be much better than the air-cooled graphics card, especially when the device has a high frequency.

Appearance, EKWB’s water-cooled head design is elegant but aggressive in the appearance that’s why GPU has Devil in the name. It has nickel-plated electrolytic copper and transparent acrylic surface, rear metal panel, and then with LED lights.

It also supports dual BIOS mode, for high frequency and more balanced OC mode for players to overclock.

In terms of specifications, the core acceleration frequency of PowerColor Liquid Devil RX 5700 XT water-cooled graphics card is as high as 2070MHz with the help of Unleash mode. The memory is 8GB 14Gbps GDDR6.

The Liquid Devil RX 5700 XT water-cooled graphics card uses a 12-layer PCB, 10 VRMs, DrMos and polymer all-solid capacitors, and dual 8pin power supply can meet more than 300W power input.

Furthermore, the PowerColor Liquid Devil RX 5700 XT also comes with clear or white CryoFuel coolant and three bottles of red, blue and yellow Dyes to colour the same coolant running in the veins fo GPU as per own preferences.

Powercool Liquid Devil RX 5700 XT water-cooled graphics card will be available from 25th November at around 569 Euro or 600 Dollar.

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