If you are like us, then you probably love your 4x4 because of its versatility. No one can deny that 4x4s are the multitool of the vehicular world. Most 4x4s can hit the trail, or head to the grocery store, push a plow, tow a boat, haul a load, or commute to work in rain, shine, sleet, or snow. There is probably no better time of year to enjoy the versatility of your 4x4 than during the winter months. Facing the elements is no big deal to a properly equipped 4x4, and the fact that these rigs can be used to get us to work or home safely and then used for play on the weekend is akin to grabbing your multitool, unfolding that sawblade or screwdriver to make something work, and then later unfolding that can opener, to help you relax once the job at hand is done. Winter can be harsh, but with the editorial staff at Four Wheeler at your back, you can get through come what may. Check out these parts, tools, clothes, and accessories that will help you get work done and play despite the frigid weather.

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